Fill your calendar. Like a boss.

Introducing Radar Storm, your new PA.

Radar Storm automatically adds events to your calendar using locations (such as your office, apartment or gym).

For example, if you spend an hour at the gym from 7am Radar Storm will put an event in your calendar named 'Gym' that lasts one hour, starting at 7am. Neat, huh? The only catch is that you need to teach Radar Storm which location is which.

Pick a calendar

Radar Storm will add events to your default calendar. You can choose a different calendar using the Settings screen.

For extra fun, pick an iCloud or other shared calendar. Then you can share your activities with friends and family.

Add locations

Arrive at work, hit the + button, type 'Work' and tap Add. That's it. Now Radar Storm will add an event named 'Work' to your calendar whenever you're at work!

Go nuts and add other locations: the gym, your girlfriend's apartment, college, the swimming pool and the grocery store.

Live your life

Go about your day as normal (but remember to add new locations). Open iCalendar and bask in the glory that you appear to be 100% organized.

Did you forget to go the gym this morning? Calendar says no. Awesome.

The location screen

Ever woken up wondering where you are? Or how long you've been there? Sometimes life's just one big party. But don't worry - Radar Storm can help with that.

The cross-hairs next to a location let you quickly determine whether you're at work or your favourite nightclub.

Secret-squirrel mode

Don't want Radar Storm to follow you? That's OK. Head over to the Settings screen and turn Location Monitoring off.

You'll then get a big red prompt to remind you that Radar Storm isn't monitoring your location.

Talk to me baby!

We want to hear what you think. Really. If something isn't quite working properly, or if there's some feature you'd like to see in the app please please please tell us.

Head over to the Settings screen and tap Send Feedback. We'd love to hear from you and we promise we'll email you back.

Frequently asked questions

Will Radar Storm work on my iPod/iPhone/iPad?

Radar Storm is compatible only with iPhone 5/4S/4 and iPad 2/3/4/mini.

Will Radar Storm drain my battery quickly?

No. Although you may see your battery drain slightly faster than normal, extensive testing has suggested that Radar Storm has a negligible impact on battery life.

Does Radar Storm transmit my location?

No. We do not transmit any information (location, personal or otherwise) from your device to our servers.

Why can't Radar Storm do X?

Maybe it can ;-) Drop us an email and we'll see what we can do.


Radar Storm is a .99c download from the iTunes Store.